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21.10.2016 18:21

Today in Nizhnekamsk was held the official opening of a new mosque "Nur" on Mendeleev street. The ceremony was attended by the Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin, deputy mufti Rustam hazrat Khairullin, as well as the clergy and nearby mukhtasibats, officials of city and country, sponsors and local residents.

The event began with the reading of the Holy Quran.

After that imam-mukhtasib of the district Yusuf hazrat Davletshin told about the history of mosque. The main feature of the mosque "Nur", according to hazrat's words, the project was done by "practicing" Muslims, not just attracted architects. Therefore, all wishes and interests of the faithful have been taken into account during its construction. Note that the design and construction of the mosque took almost 10 years and more than 60 million rubles.

"Construction of the mosque was truly popular and difficult at the same time. Someone brought the money, someone came and worked for free. Because of the crisis, construction was delayed. We have repeatedly organized fundraising actions. One of these actions was: "Collect one million per a month," it happened that was collected 1 million 300 thousand", - said Yusuf hazrat.

In his welcoming speech the Mufti of RTnoted the invaluable contribution of residents of Nizhnekamsk to the strengthening and development of Islam in the region, thanked local residents, parishioners of the mosque, sponsors and benefactors who helped on the way of Allah residents to have such a beautiful building of the mosque.

"Our Prophet (peace be upon him and blessings of Allah) said:" Whoever will read one letter from the Book of Allah, for him will be counted commission of a good deed, and reward for good deeds will be increased tenfold," also the Prophet said: "Who will build a mosque, for him Allah will build a house in Paradise". Almighty Allah will certainly reward all of you for your efforts, and the mosque which you have built will be a favorite destination for thousands of people who worship Allah, - it is a contribution to the future", - said the Mufty of Tatarstan.

Then Kamil hazrat Samigullin presented letters of gratitude to everyone who made contribution to the appearance of the mosque "Nur".

Deputy of the State Council of the Republic Razil Valeev noted that today's event is special and wished that the mosque would always been-filled with "light, people and blessing", to his words also agreed the deputy Head of Nizhnekamsk's municipal district Elvira Dolotkazina.

Note that main hall of the mosque can simultaneously accommodate up to 500 people, the building have a balcony room for prayers on the second floor, besides there are two entrances of the mosque - into male and female halves. According to residents of Nizhnekamsk, opening of the mosque is strengthening of young city's foundation, on which will be possible to build a happy future.

After the official part of the event Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin read a sermon about the importance of following Abu Hanifa's madhhab and made a collective prayer (namaz).