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20.10.2016 13:56

In Galeevskaya mosque the Mufti of RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin continues lessons on theme "The Prophet's Prayer." Tomorrow, on 21 October, after yastu prayer, will be already held the third lesson.

On the previous lesson the Mufti during his class explained all about fard, sunnah and mustahabs of taharat.

Recall that in Galeevskaya mosque are also held lessons-lectures on Islamic disciplines and the Arab and the Tatar languages. To classes is invited everyone, regardless of age and gender. The lessons are held daily from Monday to Friday.

Among the mentors in addition to the Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin, are members of the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan and teachers of RII.


Monday - after yastu prayer are held lessons on akyyda (classes are conducted by Abdullah hazrat Adygamov);

Tuesday - at 17:00 are courses of the Tatar language for women (a teacher is Aigul Biktimirova);

At 18.00 are courses of the Tatar language for men (a teacher is Firdus Galiullin).

On the same day, after yasty prayer well-known religious leaders of Tatarstan conduct the evening of sermon on current topics of Islam;

Wednesday - after yasty prayer are held lessons of Hanafi fiqh ( Bulat hazrat Mubarakov is a teacher);

Thursday - at 18.00 the second season of "Muslim Discussion Club".

Friday - after yasty prayer are lessons by the Mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin;

Sunday - at 16:00 the Arabic language courses (classes are taught by imam-hatyyb of Galeevskaya mosque Timergali hazrat Yuldashev);

Address: Kazan city, Tukai street 40 (the building of Galeevskaya mosque).

In this video you can observe the lesson by the Mufti of RT on theme: "The Prothet's prayer" -