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09.12.2016 13:36

On 7 December at the expanded meeting of the Executive Committee of the World congress of Tatars in the national-cultural center "Kazan" the Mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan, a theologian, a Quran-hafiz, Kamil hazrat Samigullin was awarded with the medal "For great services to Tatar people."

This award was the result of a large systematic work of the whole Muslim religious board of Tatarstan. In just three years muftiyat led by Kamil hazrat was able to realize the whole chain of activities for the conservation and development of Tatar language, theology, culture and heritage as a whole.

One of the biggest events of this year was initiated by Kamil hazrat decision of the Plenum of the MRB RT of conducting in Tatarstan Friday sermons in the Tatar language. This "karar" (decision) was rightfully assessed by the entire Tatar community, as objective data on the poor knowledge of the Tatar language, especially by young people, are well known.

Other projects also help to learn the Tatar language. Thus, on the base of RIU successfully runs the project "Bez tatarlar" (We are Tatars). During a free three-month courses of the Tatar language, everyone can look deeper into the history of Tatars and the basics of Islam. In addition, in one of the oldest madrasas of Kazan "Muhammadiyah" by decision of its new director, of the Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin training from 2016-2017 years is conducted only in Tatar and Arabic.

Mufti of RT in his post repeatedly stated on the existence of the urgent need for a modern edition of the Quran in the Tatar language. And in the past 2015, this work was begun. A whole group of scientists led by Kamil hazrat engaged in unification of the Book of Allah, in the near future this version of the Quran tafsir should have come out into the light. An advance copy as a layout of Tatar Quran is planned to be published in the numerous edition, especially to know the opinion of the general public about the work done, because the translation must be accessible in the sense for a wide range of readers without religious education.

Besides all this, the MRB RT strongly honors and develops Tatar traditions. This way for more than 10 years in Tatarstan is held Day of remember of ustazes (mentors) on a Muslim cemetery of New Tatar settlement of Kazan. The event attracts numerous Muslims from other regions of Russia. There are also hela All-Russian forum of Tatar religious figures "National identity and religion", All-Russian Muslim children's sabantui in Baltasinsky district of RT, the republican festival of religious chants-munajats "Zaytouna" and many others events.

The speedy restoration of the Old Tatar settlement of Kazan, where are located many waqf religious buildings - one of the greatest desires of the Muslims of the city. Kamil hazrat Samigullin advocates for the acceleration of works and takes an active part in all working sessions of the prefecture "Old city". This year was held a truly historic event: after decades of neglect and ruins was restored Galievskaya mosque - a monument of architecture of 1798 (year of construction) and near it was built a new residence of the MRB RT.

All this became possible thanks to the republican program "Miras" and the personal decision of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Meanwhile, other old buildings are also waiting for their turn, which eventually will also open their doors for the good of the republic's Muslims.

In the framework of the year of Tatar theologians is conducted much work to preserve the heritage of Tatar Muslim scholars. Particular attention is paid not only to the already known religious figures, Tatar theologians, philosophers, historians and educators, in whose ranks are Shigabutdin Marjani, Rizaeddin Fahretdin, Ahmadzaki hazrat Safiullin, Gabdulhak Samatov, Zaynulla Rasulev and others, but also are revealed new hitherto unknown works and their authors.

This work is conducted in close connection with the return and exploring of the Old Tatar language - "iske imlya." Modern scientists are now consolidating in a single standard Old Tatar language and are planning to release an appropriate book for further acquaintance with the rich heritage of Tatar theologians.

To get in touch with the history of our outstanding ancestors also helped a documentary about Tatar spiritual mentors. 30 minutes tape, which was made by the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan during over several years, tells about relationships between Tatar and Dagestan's scientists and theologians: It was decided that this work would be continued.

Council of elders of MRB RT is now tightly engaged in issues of preservation and study of ancient gravestones and reburial of remains of Tatar khans, how it had to be done according to the canons of Islam long ago. and the Institute of history named after Sh.Mardzhani of Academy of sciences of RT launched a special project "History of Tatars since antiquity". Seven-volumed series was created under the auspices and scientific-methodological guidance of the Institute of history named after Sh.Mardzhani of AS of RT with the participation of more than 200 prominent scientists, who represent institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, the leading scientific centers of countries abroad. Today, any person can get acquainted with the works in the Internet.

MRB RT is worried about issues of the conservation of the ancient art of Tatar people and the mechanisms for its further development could be realized thanks to the republican campaign "My family's Shamail" and the eponymous Russian Art contest, which received tremendous support from the participants not only in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian regions, but also in some foreign countries. Ordinary people have the opportunity not only to learn "what is this phenomenon of Tatar culture", but even learn how to create it themselves.

The result of the contest was the opening in Kazan of the ongoing program "Creating shamails" and "Noorani" center on the base of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication named after Leo Tolstoy of KFU.

The Muslim religious board of Tatarstan was the first of all muftiyats of Russia in producing new socially directed videos. Initial series were dedicated to the "Heritage of our nation." Immediately after their presentation at the Museum of Islamic Culture of "Kazan Kremlin" they gained immense popularity among the public, to borrow the experience also came representatives of other regions of Russin Federation:

Undoubtedly, the work to preserve Tatar culture and theological heritage by the Muslim religious board of RT is not finished, and it will be continued and developed. Interesting and rich with spirituality projects, to the discussion of which the muftiyat RT invites all concerned, are waiting ahead.

Guzaliya Biktimirova, the press-service of the MRB RT

Translated by Sabirova Fayruza