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17.04.2017 12:18

On April 17, 2017 in Kazan was held the VIIth congress of the Centralized religious organization - of the Muslim religious board of the Republic of Tatarstan. The meeting was opened by reading the Quran and dua, the participants of the Congress were greeted by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

At the Congress reports on activities for the period of 2013-2017 were made by the mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin and by the chief kazy of the Republic of Tatarstan Jalil hazrat Fazliev. The report of the Central audit commission was also presented.

Mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin in his speech spoke about the main results of activities in four years and directions for further development. To date, the MRB RT includes 1415 registered parishes and 1430 mosques, in which almost 1400 imams work. The territorial executive bodies of the MRB RT are represented by 48 mukhtasibats and 9 kaziyats. Over the past 4 years more than 50 new mosques were opened in the republic.

Special attention in carrying out the activities of the MRB RT is paid to the development of the Muslim education system, implementation of social policy, countering manifestations of extremism and ensuring the canonical unity of the activities of all Muslim religious organizations of RT. For the purposes of the latter, "Regulation on conducting of worship and religious rites by imam-khatybs of the CRO - MRB RT" was published.

In the reporting period in the sphere of religious education the development of the "Standards of secondary professional religious education" together with the Ministry of education and science of RT and with the Academy of sciences of RT is among the achievements of the MRB RT. In 2016, 52 titles of textbooks were prepared and delivered to all madrassas of Tatarstan. Annually in the republic, on special courses in mosques, on average, study up to 25000 people. In Tatarstan fuction 9 madrassas and the Russian Islamic Institute, in which study over 4000 shakirds. A special place in the series of projects is occupied by the Bulgarian Islamic Academy, which is called to become the crown of the national theological school and a worthy alternative to foreign religious educational institutions.

In the field of educational work, one of the priority tasks was the revival of the Tatar spiritual heritage. Thus, within the framework of the year of Tatar theologians, the year of revival of religious traditions, the year of the khanafi madhhab, the year of Galimjan Barudi, which were announced in Tatarstan in 2013-2017, by the MRB RT were conducted all-Russian and international conferences, annual Republican iftars, "Izge Bolgar Zhyeny", Mavlid an-Nabi holidays, more than 200 titles of books have been published, Tatar periodicals have been revived: the "Shura" almanac, the newspaper "Din ve meegyisht", the own mass media have been created: the portal "Islam-today", the website "Islam against terror", the electronic library, radio "Azan", documentary films were prepared, festivals were organized.

Social policy of the MRB RT in 2013-2016 was aimed at the implementation of preventive, explanatory and propaganda work with young people, migrants, prisoners and former prisoners, as well as rendering assistance to those in need.

A significant event in the life of the Muslim ummah of Russia and of the world was the new edition of the Quran "Kalyam Sharif" and the release of the full version of the recorded Quran. In addition to that, had been established more than 20 circles to memorize the Quran in Kazan and in the regions of Tatarstan, had been opened the faculty for memorizing the Quran in the madrasah "Muhammadiya", the Quran study center "Rashida" had been established.

The development of international relations and interaction with the regions of Russia is another priority area of activity for the MRB RT. During the reporting period, at the invitation of various organizations, the delegations of the MRB RT carried out over 100 working visits abroad and to the regions. At the final stage is the obtaining of consultative status in the UN.

The MRB RT traditionally attaches great importance to improving the quality of service for pilgrims. In the reporting period, using the services of "MRB RT Hajj" pilgrimage made about 7000 residents of Tatarstan.

In the matter of development of the halal industry the Committee on standards "Halal" of the MRB RT plays a decisive role in Tatarstan. In total, in the Committee's register - 96 certified enterprises producing Halal products, 49 of them are from Tatarstan, 47 from other regions of Russia. It is important that the Committee, apart from certification and training of specialists, carries out further promotion of goods to the markets of the Islamic world.

After the reports, were held elections of the Mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan, of the Chairman of the MRB RT, of the first deputy of the mufti of RT, of the Chief kazy of RT and of the Central audit commission. The majority of the delegates of the Congress - imams of Tatarstan's mosques - elected Kamil hazrat Samigullin as the mufti, as the first deputy mufti of RT - Rustem hazrat Valiullin, and Jalil hazrat Fazlyev - as the chief kazy of RT.

The participants of the Congress also considered the issues on the approval of the staff of the Plenum of the CRO-MRB RT and on introducing the amendments and additions to the Charter of the MRB RT. The VIIth congress of the CRO-MRB RT was completed with the presentation of state awards and reading of surahs from the Noble Quran.