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23.04.2017 15:09

Today, immediately after completion of the 7th Congress of Muslims of Tatarstan, unanimously elected by the delegates mufti of RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin, as well as the chief kazy of RT Jalil hazrat Fazlyev and the first deputy mufti Rustem hazrat Valiullin answered questions of journalists.

"The main achievement for the last 4 years and the competitive advantage is the unity of the republican ummah," - he said. "Our republic is one of the few subjects of the Russian Federation,on the territory of which functions a single and sole muftiyat. At the same time, our religious board takes the first place among the Russian muftiyats in terms of the number of parishes.

Kamil hazrat, at the request of mass media representatives, explained the essence of the khanafi madhhab and stressed the need to follow it:
"The madhhab is a whole school and it does not consist only of Abu Khanifa's teachings. Abu Khanifa is the creator of this school, but about 40 of his students participated in its formation, who immensely loved their teacher, respected, appreciated and endlessly shared his ideas. So how their knowledge and teachings can be rejected!? In Islam there is the notion "chain of transmission", or continuity. Every Islamic scientist is tested on the chain of his mentors, ustazes and teachers, from whom he learned. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and blessings of Allah) said: "The transmission chain is part of our religion. Thanks to it, our religion will not disappear." Therefore, it is wrong to reject the disciples of Abu Khanifa who always remained faithful to his ideas.

The mufti also told about the system of advanced training of imams. "We have 60-70% of all imams who do not have higher education - it's true," - he said. "But we have advanced training courses. To say that hazrats have no education is wrong: they know the rites and the order of their fulfillment. Abu Khanifa did not have a diploma either! We train hazrats, standardize educational programs and activities of all our imams and mosques. For that we have developed the "Regulations on conducting worship services and religious rites by the imam-khatybs of the CRO - MRB RT". We also publish the corporate magazine "Shura", in which are published Friday sermons for all imams of Tatarstan. What is it for? To exclude dissent in mosques regarding religious issues, so that from minbars were pronounced unified, ideologically verified sermons propagating true values ​​of traditional Islam.

In continuation of the topic of religious education, Kamil hazrat touched upon the problem of universal religious illiteracy as one of the reasons for the penetration of extremism into society:
- Economically developed subjects, and Tatarstan is one of them, are always more exposed to the effects of various kinds of radical elements. Firstly, it is the economic base and the possibility of raising funds from sympathizers. Secondly, it is the presence of a serious number of migrants and accordingly the opportunity to pursue a certain destructive policy among them. These structures, being, as a rule, projects of special services of different countries, and officially declaring ideas for the revival of faith, eventually slip into banal extremism and terrorism. The main task of such organizations is the use of nationalist and separatist sentiments, through which it is possible to launch disintegration processes, the subsequent collapse of constitutional state foundations and the outbreak of civil war. This process heated financially, materially, ideologically from abroad proceeds very quickly and has the most disastrous consequences. We perfectly know the examples.

But extremism has one enemy - it is knowledge. That is why it is so important to develop a system of Muslim religious education. Today, many of our fellow citizens, sometimes due to personal circumstances, weakness of character, and sometimes frank ignorance, start joining various kinds of groups, become members of terrorist organizations banned in Russia. Where there is knowledge, there is no place for extremism. Therefore, first of all, in the fight against extremism, we conduct educational activities. If a person knows what the Most High demands of him, he knows his prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and blessings of Allah), will he commit a crime or murder? Ignorance of own religion leads to such mistakes.