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24.04.2017 17:09

Today the mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin hosted in his residence a delegation from Saudi Arabia. The general secretary of the Ministerial Conference on Islam and the wakfs, the head of the Russian-Arab researches and information Foundation, Dr. Madjit at-Turki, the head of the informational department of the University of Riyadh, Dr. Abdallah al-Assaf, the teachers of the University of Riyadh, Dr. Khaled Abal Khasan and Abdurakhman Al-Muderis came to the meeting with the mufti.

The meeting was of an introductory nature, the mufti Kamil hazrat Samigullin told the guests about the activities of the MRB RT in the promotion of traditional Islamic values ​​and about the main directions of the work of the Tatarstan's muftiate. In particular, he dwelt on the system of Muslim religious education and enlightenment. During the conversation the sides also touched upon the issue of the construction of the Bulgarian Islamic Academy, which, according to Kamil hazrat, is intended to become the crown of the national theological school and a worthy alternative to foreign religious educational institutions.

Members of the delegation, in turn, thanked the mufti for the warm welcome, shared their impressions of Tatarstan and of the meeting with students of the Russian Islamic University. Farther, the sides discussed issues of further cooperation.

At the end of the meeting Kamil hazrat presented the Saudi delegation the Koran, which was published by the MRB RT.