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27.08.2014 16:04
Head of MRB of Tatarstan, which represented Russia on the 4th session of the General assembly of the International union of Muslim scholars (IUMS), believes that Muslims of Russia should do more to influence the global Islamic thought, as well as trends and developments. For this it is necessary not only to delegate famous Russian Muslim leaders to participate in international unions and forums, but also act as initiators of such undertakings in our country. About that mufti of the republic Kamil Samigullin said in an exclusive interview with IA IslamNews. 
- What is the reason of so big representation of Russia on forum IUMS. Participants of Istanbul's meeting were Muslim leaders, heads of religious boards from different regions of our country. What does it, in your opinion, give to Russian Islam? 
- Answering this question, I would have remembered a telling example: we all remember that the symbol of the Olympic Games in Sochi was a patchwork quilt. Thus, it was shown that our country is multi-ethnic and multi-religious. Russia - is not only a Christian country, there is also the Islamic factor, Islamic values​​, which must be considered and used for the benefit of the whole society. 
Praise to tha Almighty, this year on this forum of Muslim scholars were more of us. I hope we will meet continuously, discuss pressing issues, including those related to sharia - they are, as we know, many. This year on forum of Tatar leaders in Kazan together with respected mufties Talgat hazrat and Ravil hazrat we identified common to all Muslims start date of Ramadan and of holiday Eid al-Fitr. These meetings are very necessary also because they allow us to learn from our fellow believers solvings of problems and overcoming of disagreements. 
- What is your personal experience of cooperation with the IUMS? 
- We are familiar with many of the union. I have repeatedly met with professor Karadagi during various events, exchanged views with him on pressing issues, but at such a large-scale event, where were present many well-known scientists - for the first time. These meetings are of great practical importance. For example, now we are preparing a new translation of the Quran with a brief interpretation (tafsir). We discussed this question with well-known scholars, including sheikh Muhammad Sodik, his rich scientific and theological experience and achievements help us greatly in this work. Therefore, we were very pleased to meet him among other scientists at the meeting.
- It is known that the Muslim scholars represent different ideological positions. Is this at variance to our traditional, if you want Russian, understanding of Islam? 
- We always start from what unites us rather than divides. In childhood one scientist, who was also a beekeeper in Tatarstan, gave me wise advice. He said: "Be like a bee that does not look at the whole flower, and takes only the most useful - ie pollen. We have to take only useful, what enriches us, and apply it." 
- What moments would personally enrich you? 
- First of all, I am impressed by the principle: scientists from different countries gather together, express opinions, and most importantly - listen to the opinions of their colleagues. We need to learn that. All of us, including the religious leaders of the Caucasus and the Volga region, must solve generally Muslim issues together, at one table. 
- Exchange of views implies not only the mutual enrichment, but also the possible impact in some issues. Don't you see for yourself in this a kind of challenge? 
- We as Russian Muslims are well aware that own questions should be solved on the spot, based on our features and realities. We came to consult, share experiences, but the final decision is up to us. In our country there are now educated people, and in this sense we are self-sufficient. 
To cite one example. Islam as is stated in the Quran - the religion of moderation. However, even such a universal notion as moderation everyone understands in his own way. If we talk about the recommended temperature in the room, an Arab will like one temperature, and the Russian - completely different one. The same can be said of the middle in religious relations. That is, everything in this world is relative. 
- Probably Russian Muslims can somehow influence the general Muslim tendencies. Is there something in our ummah than she could share with the Muslim world? 
- In Russia even before the revolution was accumulated vast capital of Islamic knowledge. Only in Tatarstan were issued 30,000 works on Islam, not mentioning Dagestan and other Muslim regions. It is necessary to revive that heritage and make it accessible to all. Undoubtedly, there is much to learn to the world. In the future it would be useful to hold a conference of union of ulems in our country, in order to introduce the Islamic world with our scientists and achievements in the field of Islamic thought.