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27.08.2014 15:06
Department on assistance and charity together with the youth department of MRB RT once again visited the rehabilitation center "Zdravushka." 
On 21 August was an unusual visit, staff of MRB RT invited to the center representative of Christianity Anna Garanina - head of charitable department of the Diocese of Kazan. Anna is a teacher of artistic skill and her master-class was devoted to art. 
To inmates of the center told cautionary tales about the nature, and then kids started painting. According to specialists all children regardless of individual diseases have great creative potential, and such meetings help to increase the motivation of children to self-development. 
"There is no doubt - these are special kids and every time they do not cease to amaze us with their openness and their talents - told her impressions an employee of the charitable department of MRB RT Guzel Idris. - This is not our last visit to the rehabilitation center "Zdravushka." Children need attention and care. Heads of the center and the children followed us with great appreciation and invited to visit again."