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23.08.2014 14:16
In Buinsky district ended the third shift of the Muslim camp, which took place in the mosque "Hazhilar." 
40 boys and girls learned the basics of Islam, learned by heart Arabic alphabet, suras and a prayer. 
Imam of mosque Fagim hazrat and Gulsina khanum Suleymanovy every day made children happy with their sermons and tasty treats. In addition to that, for children was prepared various leisure time. 
According to words of teachers Azamat Ramazanov, Shamil Valiullin and Zulfiya Zainullina many children were in the Muslim camp for the first time and would like to continue their studies further. 
In plans of muhtasib Ilmir hazrat Hasanov to open at Buinsk madrassas courses on the Quran. Here after regular classes in school kids will be able to come and engage the Quran with the graduate of center for the memorization of the Quran at the RII. 
We remind you that in the month of Ramadan in madrassa by local muhtasibat had been organized courses for memorization the 30th part of Quran, where 10 shakirds passed 1 juz of Noble Book. Muhtasibat of Buinsky district thanks everyone who provided material and spiritual assistance in holding of Islamic summer camps. May Allah bestow them with grace and will save them from all troubles and tribulations.