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22.08.2014 14:04
From Friday, August 22 starts a unique workshop coaching "Successful online business in 70 days" for Muslim youth, organizers of that event are the Union of Muslim youth and the company "New innovation and smart technologies." 
As part of coaching young Muslims in the example of a new startup project - «AsianDreams» will learn to develop and introduce new Internet services and resources that do not contradict the principles of Islam. 
So in the course of coaching young Muslims will tudy the best experience of leading (info) businessmen of Russia: Azamat Ushanov - guru of e-mail marketing of RF, Oles Timofeev, the founder of the first in Russia and in CIS community of internet entrepreneurs, Alex Janowski - a multimillionaire from the USA of Russian origin, the founder of his own business school, Eldar Guzairov - leading specialist of Youtube promotion in Russia, Aynur Abdulnasyrov - the founder of the popular service of online learning of English - LinguaLeo, Oleg Tinkoff - dollar billionaire, the founder of online bank TCS, Rustam Nazipov - author of projects "TurboTrafik", "the Online", Terry Dean - the most famous in RuNet western Internet businessman, Michael Dashkiev - the founder of the "Business Youth."
It is worth noting that the young Internet entrepreneurs will get acquainted with the writings of business and personal development, including Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Stephen Covey (younger), J. Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump and others. Also a special blog will include a book "Trillioner listens" by Shamil Alyautdinov. 
As noted the president of the UMY Marsel Sabirov, coaching will not be massive. "We will take into it not more than 5 people, but we will do from them leading internet specialists who will be able to create and scale projects. Some of our lecturers are investing in their own education millions of rubles a year, and we will try to pass their experience in a concentrated form within 70 days! We will focus on quality, then our students will be able to work and become our partners in the project AsianDreams. Also those participants, who have successfully mastered our techniques will be subsequently able to participate in our other educational programs, such as, for example, "MBA or the best strategies of growth and breakthrough of business", "Successful business with China." Equally is important, that we want to introduce our students the basics and principles of Islamic economy" - said Marsel Sabirov. 
As the organizers says, coaching will consist of 8 sessions: 
1 Session. Reload of consciousness. Science of success 
2 Session. Creating of Virtual platform and the first money in consulting 
3 Session. Magnet for audience and Wan Time Offer 
4 Session. Creating of a sales funnel and a fully automated channel of profits 
5 Session. Converter and a series of paid proposals 
6 Session. Running of wave of target audience 
7 Session. Formation of projects. Team. Delegation. Influence. Speed ​​of Trust 
8 Session. Dominance of the market. Art to become the best.