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22.08.2014 11:48
On 19 August the mufti of Tatarstan, chairman of MRB RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin held several meetings with imam-mukhtasibs of districts of Tatarstan. 
With imam-mukhtasib of Vysokogorsky district Talgat hazrat Gayfulllin were discussed various issues relating to work of mosques and religious situation in the area. Also Talgat hazrat Gaifullin gave mufti a report on the work done in summer. 
With imam-mukhtasib of Zainsky district Sagit hazrat Kamalov leader of Muslims of Tatarstan discussed holding at the end of August readings devoted to the famous Tatar scientist, teacher, healer, historian Tadzhetdin Yalchygol (1763-1838). 
Imam-mukhtasib also told mufti about the work done in muhtasibat in recent years.