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19.08.2014 14:28
Muhtasibat of Aznakayevo city and district has launched its website. On the official page on the Internet during the whole Ramadan people could get acquainted with news and events which were held by muhtasibat, read vagazes on topical issues, find and download time of prayers for the city Aznakayevo. Note that the site conducts its work on two official languages​​: Tatar and Russian. 
"A special place on the site takes the heading "History of mosques", together with imams and parishioners muhtasibat collects and publishes the history of mosques of villages of the district and the city Aznakayevo. The purpose of this section is simple, - says mukhtasib Azat Talibullin, - youth must know their history, because for many centuries our people profess Islam. There have been many interesting things in history, for example, in some villages were two and even four mosques, I think the younger generation should not forget their history."