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18.08.2014 20:58
Last Friday at 22.00 ended the last lecture of the First in the world Muslim online festival. 
Speaker, who closed the festival, was a Muslim women, candidate of economic sciences, director of the department of economics of the Council of Muftis of Russia, director of Moscow Halal Expo, author of book "Zakat. A practical guide" - Madina Kalimullina. 
As the organizers of the event said, the online festival aroused great interest among the public - for a few days of the festival more than 32 000 people listened to lectures of leading Islamic figures of Russia and world. 
Speakers of forum were prominent Muslim scholars from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Jordan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Syria, Australia. 
By comments of listeners the most interesting and significant were lectures of the mufti of RT Kamil hazrat Samigullin with the theme: "Everyone will be able to become a hafiz of Quran" and the performance of the world famous scholar Sayyid Fooda with the theme: "Belief ahl sunnah wal jamaa: maturidits and asharites." 
According to statistics, the average age of the participants of the online festival was 20-25, 60% - men and 40% - women, and mostly these are residents of large and medium-sized cities of the Russian Federation. Also, the festival audience were representatives from more than 20 countries. 
It is also worth noting that one of the most popular sections was the section "Islamic economics and business." For example, in framework of the online festival at walls of RII were about 100 Muslims who wanted to start their own business and several thousand people watched the broadcast online. According to opinion of the president of the Union of Muslim youth of RF Marsel Sabirov - this is a measure of the great interest of the Muslim youth in learning business and entrepreneurship. 
"Given the public's demand, we will launch a series of training courses for young people, where will talk about the basics of entrepreneurship, and for more advanced may be will create analogue of MBA" - shared with plans of the organization Marsel Sabirov. 
The festival organizers believe that the experience of Tatarstan of a such large-scale event will be an important example for other Muslim countries. 
"Organization of usual forums, congresses in a few years will become old and not efficient format of events. And it is very gratifying that the Muslim youth of Russia with the support of MRB RT became a kind of locomotive of upcoming positive changes" - summed up Marsel Sabirov.