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18.08.2014 13:06
Department of studying the Quran of MRB RT with the assistance of fund "Light of the Quran" and the charitable fund "Zakat" organized new courses in reading and learning the Quran by heart. 
For those wishing have opened their doors four mosques at once. 
Mosque "Apanaevskaya" - st. Kayum Nasyri, 27. 
Mosque "Rizwan" - st. Husain Mavlyutova 48a. 
Mosque "Salihzyan" - st. Bestuzheva, 66 
Mosque "Hudhayfah" - st. Julius Fucika, 52a. 
All teachers are students of RII. To enroll in courses that will start from September you can in those mosques, said the department of studying the Quran of the muftiat of RT.