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18.08.2014 12:58
On August 15 as a gift to the Museum-reserve "Kazan Kremlin" was transmitted the facsimile edition of the manuscript of the Quran of Uthman from collection of the Museum of Top Kapi (Istanbul). 
At the ceremony of receiving the noble Quran on bahalf of mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan was present an employee of the department of propaganda of MRB RT Timergali hazrat Yuldashev. 
Note that the value of this manuscript is that it contains the most complete text of the Quran. It lacks only two pages, containing 23 verses. Manuscript is dated from the reign of caliph Uthman, from the VII century. 
In 2007 with support of the International center for the study of culture, art and history of Islam at the Organization of "Islamic cooperation" was carried out a facsimile edition of the Quran of Uthman. Facsimile accurately reproduces the original manuscript of VII century in size, color, follows the structure of the paper and reflects the signs of that times, imprinted on it (the later marks, registries in fields). 
Dr. Halit Eren, general director of IRCICA OIC, at the ceremony at the Museum of Islamic culture with this unique Quran presented also an academic publication, which contains a detailed study of the manuscript prepared in Turkish language by recognized expert in manuscripts of the Quran Tayyar Altykulach.