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18.08.2014 12:25
Summer does not end, and for some the fun has just begun! On August 15 in Nizhnekamsk was opened an annual change of "Tugan Yak." 
From Perm, Orenburg, Bashkortostan and from all Tatarstan more than 150 children aged from 7 to 15 years stopped at the recreation center "Kama". In this short week-long shift for boys and girls are prepared a variety of activities for the development of body and soul. 
Traditionally will be held lessons of morality, good manners, guys will be reminded of the spiritual heritage and wealth of our country. 
In addition to useful teachings the program of change includes sports and entertainment games, excursions and hiking, in which children will see with their own eyes a beautiful waterfall, "the city of monkeys", leaving to a haze immense distance, their own strengths and weaknesses and many other interesting things.