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14.08.2014 10:47
From 3 to 10 August on the All-Russian youth forum "Seliger-2014" was held a "Civic forum". More than 4,000 people from 85 regions of the country represented changes "Cossack youth" and "The spiritual foundations of Russia", "Public associations" and "Military-patriotic clubs", "Working youth" and "Russian truth", "Librarian of the future" and "Teacher of the future."
In the direction of "The spiritual foundations of Russia" as representatives of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan took part employees of MRB RT Guzel Idris and Muslim public figure Rinat Nureyev. 
According to words of an employee of Muftiat the Republic of Tatarstan this change of "Seliger - 2014" as a whole was very interesting and rich. 
"We, the representatives of the Muslim youth from Tatarstan in change "The spiritual foundations of Russia" received a valuable education, a lot of positive emotions, got acquainted with delegations from different cities of Russia, build a dialogue on intercultural and interfaith issues, answered questions on Islam, shared experience in organizing charitable and religious activities" - shared her impressions of the trip Guzel Idris. 
The main objectives of the change were: to unite the people for the purpose of spiritual development in Russia and of the Russian core; combine active purposeful young people of all nationalities of Russia into one big team; discuss ways of cooperation in order to prevent the actions of intruders trying to sow ethnic hatred in the state; develop a plan for the implementation of spiritual revival of youth of the country; consider methods that prevent coming young people into sects; develop a common mechanism on attracting people to the spiritual and moral compass and the development of civic feelings. 
The main guests of the change were Metropolitan of Tver and Kashin Victor, chief of the Airborne Forces of the Synodal department of the Moscow Patriarchate in the interaction with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies an archpriest Mikhail Vasiliev, the Islamic cleric in the Russian Airborne Troops Ali hazrat, Hieromonk of Russian orthodox church Dmitry, Chairman of the Synodal department on interaction between Church society of the Moscow Patriarchate, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Leonid Reshetnikov. According to Muslim issues held lectures employees of the Council of Muftis of Russia Renat hazrat Abyanov - department of international relations and Shamil hazrat - department of religious issues. 
By representatives of spiritual direction had been established mobile military temple of Airborne Forces, was organized "Religious Procession" from the forum to the monastery in the Nilo-Stolobenskaya desert. And at this time Muslims of forum had made offline jamagat-pray and read the Holy Quran. Also was organized a Friday sermon with Ali hazrat. Ali hazrat Shamsetdinov - hazrat of the 31st brigade of Russian Airborne Forces - this regiment, perhaps the only one in the country, where except a priest works also a mullah. 
Ali hazrat said that at any time troops can come to him for a prayer. A new replenishment he meets together with orthodox priest father Paul. Ali hazrat is constantly in the military unit and teaches soldiers the religion of Allah. He teaches them the belief in one God, teaches to perform namaz and other religious rites. 
Dmitry Goryushin, the commander of the 2nd airborne assault battalion, said that the priests in the army achieve positive results in the education of soldiers. According to him, they can reach the hearts of common soldiers, that is not always given to commanders. 
During the week civil activists were able to communicate with politicians, businessmen, journalists, educators, clerics and writers. 
The forum participants underwent an educational program and presented their projects. A number of the changes that took place on the anniversary of forum were presented for the first time. For example, "The spiritual foundations of Russia" of 300 people, the purpose of which was the revival and promotion of moral, ethical, spiritual and moral foundations of Russian society. 
At the round tables was made a draft law against totalitarian sects, were proposed amendments to the bill of banning abortion. All proposals were submitted to members of the Public Chamber. In the course of the project activity were submitted about 20 proposals for the implementation of programs to restore the temples, historical monuments, education of morality among youth, combating smoking among girls and boys, the development of happy families, the opening of the volunteer center. 
Honored guest at the opening of the civil change was the head of the LDPR V.V. Zhirinovsky. The conversation was in the form of a dialogue. Everyone could ask a politician a question of interest. Vladimir Wolfovich spoke to participants about education, the economy, and the potential of Russia's geopolitical life. On the question of what is happening in the world, V.V. Zhirinovsky said in his characteristic manner: "You know what does the world today!? It listens to Tchaikovsky, reads Dostoyevsky and is afraid of Zhirinovsky!". 
The speakers were Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Carolina Sevastianova; political and social activist Nikolai Starikov, war correspondent Dmitry Steshin, chief editor of the youth patriotic newspaper "Voltaire" Daniel Shishkin, winner of "Beauty of Russia-2013", Anastasia Trusova. 
A separate unit of the program of change was introducing of participants with successful social, patriotic and business projects that opened the basic principles of functioning patriotic organizations, among them the "Youth women's association" and patriotic project "Russian signs." 
All participants of forum have acquired the skills of project management and knowledge to create themed events and also heard firsthand the secrets of the success of the invited speakers. 
On the final day of patriotic change participants of "Civic Forum" till 2024 laid down "time capsule", the content of which was the outcome of the work on the "Line of time", revealing the image of Russia for years ahead. 
Discussed issues of extremism with the teacher of MGIMO Olga Chetverikova, national policy with the heads of the republics of the North Caucasus (with the head of the Republic of Dagestan Ramazan Gadzhimuradovich Abdulatipov and Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Bamatgireevich).
With the head of Ingushetia discussed issues of barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. 
"We create on each direction potential and conditions for people with disabilities. This year must be comleted the program for employment of these people," - said the speaker. 
For the participants were also organized various round tables and discussions. Guests of honor at the round tables were: Alex Tzygankov - deputy head of Chief of the personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; Nicholai Akberdin - head of state-patriotic education of the Main Directorate for work with personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation; Oleg Matveychev - professor at the National Research University - Higher School of Economics, blogger; Leonid Reshetnikov - Russian historian, director of the Russian Institute of strategic studies, the commander, general-lieutenant of the foreign intelligence service of Russia. 
In his speech Chairman of the Russian Central election commission Vladimir Churov noted that the modern youth need to know more than two languages ​​and not just English, need to know the Turkic languages​​. 
Was held meeting of participants with the Russian film and theater actor, singer, honored artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pevtsov. 
Participants of the forum along with other speakers discussed issues of moral, spiritual and patriotic youth development. 
Thus, L.P. Reshetnikov said: "We can not build patriotic education on war, we must build a clear hierarchy of patriotism in the country." 
The chairman of the synodal department on youth affairs Bishop of Vyborg Ignatius expressed his gratitude to the organizer of the session "The spiritual foundations of Russia." He talked about how important it is to maintain spiritual values ​​that are evolved over the centuries: "The great empires died due to the substitution of values​​!"