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13.08.2014 09:50
On August 17 in Vysokogorsky district, in the village Kamaevo, of "Old-Kazan's state and natural museum-reserve" - "Iske Kazan" National islamic charitable foundation "Yardem" and fund "Behetle donya" ("Happy world") for the first will organize a celebratory event with charitable concert entitled "Iske Kazanda milli monnar" ("National melodies in Old Kazan"). The event is timed to taking place in Russia in 2014 - the Year of culture and history. 
At the complex "Tugan avylym" ("My native village") in Kazan was held a press conference which was devoted to this festival "Iske Kazanda milli monnar" - "In old Kazan will sound folk melodies." 
According to the organizers, the importance of the event, which will be held on August 17, is in attraction and acquaintance of the young generation and their parents with the historical places of the country. Complex "Iske-Kazan" is one of them. There modern Kazan originates. 
In addition to exploring the old Kazan can be viewed bright concert and listen to soul Tatar songs performed by Tatar pop stars and Tatar retro singers. After all, one of the main treasures of culture and of our people is inexhaustible musical heritage, which must be passed from generation to generation, and for that the event contributes. 
The funds collected from the concert will be directed to the rehabilitation of the blind and disabled children with cerebral palsy at the mosque "Yardem." 
The museum-reserve includes archaeological and epigraphic monuments of the period of the Volga Bulgaria, the Golden Horde and the Kazan khanate. And every guest who came to the concert will be able to see with his own eyes all the richness and beauty of heritage and experience the rich history of our Republic and the Tatar people. 
General information partners "Milli monnar" - TV channel TNV and radio "Tertip." 
Event starts at 17.00 
Place of holding: Vysokogorsky district, the village Kamaevo, "Iske-Kazan's state and natural museum-reserve." 
For more information call: mob: 8917 222-05-65, email: 8927444