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12.08.2014 16:25
Under the auspices of the Muslim religious board of RT in Kazan's mosque "Yardem" these days is held Muslim camp. 
Children's camp brought together 40 students, for whom are held courses on studying and memorization of the Noble Quran, the basics of Islam, the Tatar language and the culture of peoples of Russia. Also for them are organized sporting events, and at the end of the courses will be held contests in reading the Quran and Azan pronunciation. 
As noted the deputy mufti of Tatarstan Ildar hazrat Bayazitov, children's camps help educate young people in traditional spirit, explain to them the traditional ideology of Islam and to develop different skills. 
During the camp children have already visited Kazan's Racecourse, rided horses, as well as become parties of the holiday "I choose the sky" at the airport CAPO named after S.P.Gorbunov in Kazan. 
Another feature of the ongoing camp - in the change are involved the blind, children with disabilities, who memorize the Noble Quran, which was printed on system of Louis Braille.