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12.08.2014 14:01
CF "Zakat" together with the department of dagvat of Muslim religious board of Tatarstan held a test quiz on the basics of Islam in the Spassky district. 
Quiz was held at the White mosque in Bulgar. The event attracted about 70 children from all surrounding villages. Rules of this quiz were slightly modified, for tasks it was necessary to respond in writing. 
Were made up five blocks with questions that have involved more than 300 questions on the basics of Islam. 
For easy questions - 1 point, for average questions - 2 points, for difficult ones - 3 points. 
After completion of the written quiz, which lasted 45 minutes, exam papers were given to the jury for scoring. At this time imam-hatyyb of White mosque Ruslan hazrat Farkhutdinov organized another oral quiz, with duration of 2 hours. 
Quiz passed very lively, interesting and informative, with lots of informative facts. 
After scoring was drawn up protocol of prizes. Who won the first place among boys was awarded a bicycle, the winner of the first place among girls won a sewing machine. Rewarding of children performed general director of CF "Zakat" Ilnur Valiev and head of dagvat department of MRB RT Niyaz hazrat Sabirov. 
CF "Zakat" and MRB RT in the near future plans to hold about 150 quizzes throughout the Republic of Tatarstan in order to increase the knowledge of children about Islam.