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07.08.2014 21:16
Fantastic event will happen to the Muslims of Tatarstan and in general for the Russian Ummah - this Saturday live within the world's first Muslim online-festival will perform the world scholar, imam al-Razi of our time, doctor of islamic sciences - Said Fuda! 
As the President of the Union of Muslim youth Marsel Sabirov said, this scientist is considered the most powerful alim of modernity in questions of Muslim creed. "Said Fuda - a gifted scientist in the field of 'ilm al-kalam, logic and usul al-fiqh, one of the best connoisseurs of modern teaching of ibn Taymiyi, shafi'i in Fiqh, ascharit-maturidit in Aqidah. For all Russian Muslims it is an honor that such a great Muslim theologian agreed to speak to the Ummah of our country."
All who want to improve their knowledge within the Islamic faith (Aqidah), and to ask questions directly to the world's leading scientist of our time, please sign up on the website and get a link to video. 
The broadcast will be held on Saturday, August 9 at 10:00 a.m. Language of performance - Arabic + will be simultaneous translation into Russian.