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07.08.2014 17:28
In Kamsko-Ustyinsky district of the Republic of Tatarstan in the village Ozimoe Kurlibash last weekend with participation of the mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin were held celebrations to mark the opening of a new mosque. 
The event was also attended by the head of Kamsko-Ustyinsky municipal district Zufar Garafiyev, imam-mukhtasib of district Galimulla hazrat Yarullin, imam of mosque Kul Sharif Ilfar hazrat Hasanov, imams of neighboring villages, invited guests. 
By tradition the opening of the mosque began with the reading of the Noble Quran, which performed the mufti of Tatarstan, after that he appealed to all with a welcoming speech. He congratulated all on this momentous event and thanked sponsors and patrons who contributed to the construction of the mosque. 
A new mosque which was built of wood has become not only an ornament of the village, but the revival of spirituality. It can simultaneously accommodate up to 50-70 worshipers. It is expected that there will be also held courses. 
Note that in the village used to be a mosque, but in the 30s of the last century it was demolished. A new mosque became the 24th in Kamsko-Ustyinsky region of Tatarstan.