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07.08.2014 17:08
Tatar community of Australia got acquainted with the products of Islamic publishing house "Huzur". 
The event was timed to Eid Bayram. Tatars of Adelaide six months ago opened their National-cultural center, which also was built a mosque. With a solution of mahalla, after a celebratory prayer, it was decided to organize a common drinking of tea. At this event imam Bulat hazrat Ishmukhametov who this summer came to Kazan on Forum of Tatar preachers and introduced Muslims of Adelaide with the new directions of work of the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan. 
Majlis began with a video message of the mufti of the republic Kamil hazrat Samigullina to Tatars of Australia on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. Later Bulat hazrat told about the results of the Kazan Muslim Forum and presented received products of the publishing house "Huzur". Particularly interesting for the faithful were audio recordings of religious lessons, a biography of imam Abu Hanifa, lectures from the radio "Azan". The fact is that Tatars living in Australia have retained the language so - how it was left them by their parents. It is the language of the Tatar nation of the late 19th - early 20th centuries. This means that the cyrillic on which is based the modern Tatar language is a barrier for them to understand the text. That is why the audio materials in Tatar were in great demand. 
For this reason, many were interested with the project of MRB RT on digitization of ancient Tatar books. Australian Tatars (whose ancestors came to the Green continent from East Turkestan) read refectly Tatar Arabic script. Now for them became available works of Rizaetdin Fakhretdin, Shagabutdin Marjani, Musa Bigiyev and other scientists! Rules of Tajwid, foundations of Fiqh, History of Volzhskaya Bulgaria, parables and poems .... - books from the treasury of Tatar nation are now available for Australian Tatars. At the general meeting of Mahalla was decided to organize the library of center. And now are considering options how to print books posted on the website
On the meeting have not been left without attention also other areas of work of MRB RT. Everyone loved the short television commercials about Ramadan and clips of Ilyas Khalikov looked like mini-movies.