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07.08.2014 16:52
Thousands of people gathered on August 1 on festive charitable concert of MRB RT in honor of one of the most important holidays for Muslims - Uraza-bayram, which took place on the ground near the stadium "Kazan Arena." The main invited stars of the concert were well-known Turkish artists Mesut Kurtis and Sedat Uchan. 
To congratulate all Muslims on the great feast of Uraza-bayram - Eid al-Fitr on the scene came the mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin. 
"One of the most revered and most popular holidays Uraza-bayram - Eid al-Fitr, is truly a real symbol of tolerance, brotherhood and charity. Islam - a religion of peace and creation, and Eid ul-Fitr - one more evidence and the personification of this. 
Dear fellow believers! In place of the holidays will come working days with everyday problems. It is our sacred duty to convey the grace of Ramadan to each person, to help change our and their lives for the better, encouraging all to show the piety and hight of morals as is commanded to us in the Quran: "(Paradise is prepared) for those who control their anger and forgiving, Alimighty loves the good" - sura "Al-Imran", verse 134. 
I ask Allah to bestow us with His mercy and blessing, so that He, on this festive occasion, may take all our efforts on His way, forgive us our sins," - said in his speech the spiritual leader of Tatarstan. 
"As you know, we held such event for the second year. We hope that this will become a tradition," - said in an interview with journalists the mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin. He added that it is not by chance that in Kazan were invited Mesut Kurtis and Sedat Uchan - "in the Islamic world they are known singers who have beautiful voices." 
The chairman of MRB RT reminded that concert in Kazan is free for everyone and is a charitable. Last year, on a similar event in Kazan, by his words, gathered about 10 thousand people. 
During a concert with a sermon performed mufti of Tatarstan, as well as other prominent clerics. 
First deputy mufti of Tatarstan Rustam hazrat Batrov said that during the concert will be collected money for refugees from Ukraine. "The real trouble came to neighbouring house. In brotherly for Russia Ukraine blood is shed, suffer civilians. Today we are collecting funds for refugees who because of the war found themselves in a difficult situation. Via SMS to the number 7715, anyone can, by sending the word "Zakat" support refugees: from the account number will automatically be charged 50 rubles. You can also write the word "Zakat" and after space specify the amount of sum, which people want to share with those needy," - said Rustam hazrat. He also noted that during the concert will be open boxes, where people can also put a donation. 
"We are all pleased that came the feast Uraza-bayram. This is a great Muslim holiday, but Islam encourages to share the joy with others", - said Batrov. The funds which will be collected will be sent by fund "Zakat" to those refugees who arrived in Tatarstan from Ukraine and who need help. 
Prior to his speech, Mesut Kurtis told the press that he had heard about Kazan and immediately after the arrival visited the Kul-Sharif Mosque and walked around the Kazan Kremlin. 
In Kazan sounded new songs from his album. The central theme in his songs is the theme of a smile, because this, according to the Turkish singer, is so lacking in the community. 
Curtis noticed that he has a positive attitude to such concerts, and wished that for them came not only Muslims, because their songs "promote dialogue between cultures and religions." 
Sedat in Uchan performed songs that glorify Allah and demonstrate the beauty of Islam. 
"I am for the first time in Tatarstan, but I felt that here, as in Turkey, is warm. The mood of the people is the same, people are hospitable," - he said. He said that he managed to walk around Kazan and thanked MRB RT for the warm welcome. 
In addition to foreign singers, also performed Tatarstan artists who sang salavats and nasheeds. 
"All of us must realize that we are all from one Creator, and that we are all created. All we have to love their Creator and all created by Him, then will be unity and brotherhood. Ramadan brings us together. We ask for peace to be everywhere. And we must stronger stick to that, for what is calling religion, then there will be calm and peace in the world", - noted the singer. 
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