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05.08.2014 09:51
In the Republic of Tatarstan will be soon opened an orphanage for disabled children. Work on the creation of a shelter began in last year. Place was long and carefully chosen: it was necessary to comply with many aspects. As a result, as a place of building of home for people with disabilities has been selected the village Old Zyuri of Tyulyachinsky district of Tatarstan. 
In recent months, all specialists were carefully prepared to work with children. At school for foster parents future employees of the shelter had extensive training and at the end got the certificates. 
Already now in full swing is work on picking a shelter with children with disabilities: among them the visually impaired, autistics, downs, disabled with cerebral palsy - all of them were abandoned by their parents. 
This program is being implemented within the framework of social projects of MRB RT, which were planned for the next three years. 
From the words of the deputy mufti of RT Ildar hazrat Bayazitov, aim of work of the orphanage - to help children to prepare for adult life, to undertake a comprehensive rehabilitation of each child, and also legally accompany each pupil in his life, including the acquisition of property, in addition teach them to use all the benefits which are stated for orphans. 
Note that an orphanage for children with disabilities is planned to be opened for the holiday Kurban-bayram.