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05.08.2014 09:36
Youth department of the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan in honor of the holiday Uraza-bayram visited a nursing home in Upper Uslon. 
To each elderly person young people have paid attention, talked to them - because in a confined space they have lack in communication. Inhabitants of Nursing home talked about the most beautiful years of their life - about youth, sang songs and tried in every way to joke and raise spirits of each other. 
Head of depeartment on youth affairs of MRB RT Aynur Akhmetshin told seniors on various projects which are held by muftiat of Republic and said that young people very actively and eagerly try to help all needy, took part in charity events and each according to his ability brings a piece of warmth to this world. 
"Young years go very quickly - complained old people - guys, appreciate this time. Spend it with advantage, because old age is not far. Give a piece of to the elderly, the disabled, orphans. Loneliness and poverty - are very scaring. From them nobody is insured ."