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31.07.2014 11:18
In Cheremshansky district of ​​RT was held Muslim Sabantuy. Large-scale event takes place in the area for the third year in a row. Each time on sabantuy are gathering more Muslims, this year - one and a half thousand people. 
Participants of the Muslim Sabantuy in Cheremshan congratulated on the occasion of holiday the head of region Nail Zaripov and his adviser Amir Mugizov. All gathered enthusiastically listened to the meaningful sermon of Kazi of southeastern region of Tatarstan Marat Mardanshin. 
After that all guests of holiday willingly participated in sport competitions and various promotions. The fun also had kids - they participated in games and receive gifts. Note that for the fighters and members of other races were prepared expensive gifts. 
Muslims, who came to Sabantuy, were treated pilaf, pancakes and hot tea from a samovar, completely free. 
- Costs of conducting of Sabantuy took on itself all Mahalla of district - says mukhtasib Minsagir Minshin. - With joint efforts was laid the table. Thanks for imams and all those who took part in the preparation and organization of the event. 
- This Sabantuy - a very welcome and long-awaited holiday, - shared his impressions Cheremshansky guy, who took the first place in wrestling. 
- From the heart I glad that during Ramadan to the mosque for collective prayer, stretched also the youth, - says the imam of Utyzimyansky mosque Zhavdat Shaimardanov. - Very nice passed Iftar-majlises. On one of them came especially many people, and the tables were set with the help of our generous countryman Hadiya Kashapova. 
This is how Muslims celebrated the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Let this month of good deeds, spiritual cleansing, tolerance and humility be blessed. May be peace in the world.