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31.07.2014 10:14
Muslims of Bavli celebrated one of the main festivals of Islam - Eid Al-Fitr, Uraza-bayram. With it is completed the time of strict fasting - the holy month of Ramadan. 
From early morning people began to gather in mosques. By the beginning of the festive sermon in the mosque there was no place, and the flow of people continued. For them in the yard was organized place of worship. 
After the Eid prayer all the visitors were treated with a delicious pilaf and various goodies. 
In addition, for children was organized a real holiday. Was installed trampoline, was held various competitions and games. To the event were invited children from the orphanage "Family", who were paid special attention. The holiday was finished with a cup of tea and a solemn presentation of sweet gifts to each child. And also was organized targeted distribution of gifts for children with disabilities.