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31.07.2014 09:53
On the night of 27 July to 28 July the night sky was decorated with a young month, demonstrating the end of the month of Ramadan and as a result of the difficult post - onset of Fitr holiday, Uraza-bayram! In Nizhnekamsk's Cathedral mosque celebration gathered a lot of people. 
In the building of the mosque was no place by the beginning of the second part of the festive sermon. Yusuf hazrat Davletshin, imam-mukhtasib of Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk's region chose this year theme of festive sermon - a human life. In light of recent events this topic is particularly relevant. Sermon of Yusuf hazrat helped all present to feel the greatness of man's creation and the responsibility that each of us have. In addition, he spoke about motherhood and the greatness of this mission. 
Particular attention was paid to the fact that man has no right to encroach not only on someone else's life, but also on his own. The problem of suicide in our society stands sharply. Previously, to suicide makers was a very negative attitude, they were even buried by a fence of cemetery. Now relation to such "heroes" has changed, but has not changed the assessment of God, suicide - a mortal sin! 
Completion of the sermon were words of gratitude to all the citizens, on the launch of the center "Ihsan". A year ago, on the same festive meeting Yusuf hazrat appealed to citizens with a proposal to build a long-awaited center, where would be possible with the honor and respect carry out the deceased on his last journey, respecting all rules of the shariah. People responded and throughout the year such a center was created. By the way, on the Eid al-Fitr in "Ihsan" was an open day, and everyone for the interest could see the new facility. 
Day of Fitr, Eid al-Fitr holiday could be called the fulfillment of duty, because this day marks the month of obedience to Allah! Creator told his creations to fast and they humbly and gladly complied with this worship. With ease on heart, with a sense of fulfillment the duty stood Muslims on Eid prayer. Yusuf hazrat praised the Creator, and all followed him. 
Holiday prayer did not last long, and then the people went to celebrate. All was treated with pilaf and kebab, on stage performed children, they read the Quran, sang holiday songs praising of the Creator. 
Kids could jump on a variety of trampolines, inflat balloons, kids could ride on a donkey and camel, and the sun shone festive mosque, in the city flowers. May God bless our homeland, give us peace and prosperity!