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30.07.2014 15:05
Department on assistance and charity together with CF "Zakat" recently greeted with the greatest holiday of Uraza-bayram kids who are at the First Children's hospice in RT. 
Children's hospice in Kazan - a nonprofit private medical facility. Medical care here is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic on the basis of private-public partnership. 
Visiting the hospice left an indelible mark in the minds of all employees of MRB RT. Children, despite the serious health condition, were extremely pleased to given presents, cake and balloons. 
The motto of hospice: "If a child can not be cured, it does not mean that you can not help him..." and indeed this visit has shown that even small pleasures in life bring them great pleasure.
Director of only one in Tatarstan hospice Vladimir Vavilov told us with what warmth and cordiality they take care of the kids living here, and also showed new construction projects of the hospice. In future it is planned to build winter garden and another 18 new locations. Hospice has even a prayer room, where there is everything necessary for practicing Muslim. 
Kids' smiles will live in the memory of all employees of MRB RT ... 
Hospice - specialized medical and social institutions designed for the terminally ill in order to provide them symptomatic (palliative) treatment, selection of required analgesic therapy, providing medical and social care, psycho-social rehabilitation and psychological support from relatives for the period of illness or incapacity their loved one. 
Development Programme of the First Children's hospice in the Republic of Tatarstan started on January 25, 2011, as signed in an agreement between the Fund named after Angela Vavilova and the Ministry of Health of RT. 
The program aims to build a system of palliative care for children with incurable diseases in the Children's Hospice. 
Through the joint efforts of philanthropists, including large enterprises, and ordinary citizens, as well as the active participation and support of the President and Government of the Republic Fund of Angela Vavilova was able to implement project "Children's hospice." 
Opening of the first stage, designed for 12 patients, was held on 2 June 2014. 
From August 1 begins the second stage, which is calculated for 18 patients aged from 18 years old.