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30.07.2014 14:44
On 28 July on Uraza-bayram mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin visited the famous Tatar preacher, abystay - Rashida Iskhakova, who recently celebrated her 90th jubilee. Mufti was accompanied by his deputy Rustam hazrat Batrov. 
Kamil hazrat congratulated her on her jubilee and on Uraza-bayram, wished her good health, happiness and long life. He thanked Rashida abystay for her invaluable contribution to the preservation and dissemination of Islamic values​​. 
The leader of Muslims of Tatarstan also gave her on behalf of the Muslim religious board of RT memorable gift. 
In turn, Rashida abystay told the mufti about her life, thanked him for his visit and showed her works - books, the first of which was published in 1990. 
Rashid abystay, as her respectfully name the disciples, was born on July 20, in 1924 in the village Kuperbash of Arsky region of Tatarstan in a large family. Tenth child from childhood felt all the difficulties of the war and post-war hard times. She had been brought up from childhood in a religious spirit. And tried to share her own knowledge with all. For more than 40 years Rashida abystay trained many women the basics of Islam. In the socialist era it had to be done secretly, in her home in Mirny settlement. Beginning with perestroyka the lessons continued in the mosques of Kazan. 
She herself brought up six children - five daughters and a son Gusman Iskhakov. Her son, in turn, did much for the development of Islam in Tatarstan, for many years headed the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan. Another ex-mufti of Tatarstan Gabdulla Galiullin is Rashida abystay Iskhakova's son-in-law. Today she has 120 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.