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30.07.2014 12:01
President of RT on occasion of the holiday Eid al-Fitr (Uraza-bayram) appealed to Muslims of the republic.
Dear residents of Tatarstan! Dear compatriots! 
I heartily congratulate you on the occasion of holiday Uraza-bayram! 
Ramadan - time of fasting, when all the attention and care is aimed at improving the soul and strengthening of faith, when specially is pure desire to support the closest and help the needy. 
Compliance with these eternal and immutable values ​​enables moral purification and renewal, through the realization of own actions and deeds lays in people hope for the future, promotes mutual understanding. Deeply are symbolic words of the Prophet Muhammad: "The Almighty is kind and loves kindness. He allows to achieve with kindness what one can not achieve with severity."
Tatarstan has unique ethno-cultural and religious traditions that contribute to the preservation of national identity, of a long and rich heritage of the peoples living in the country, to strengthen the moral foundations of society and the unity of believers. I am confident that Muslims of the republic, living in complete agreement with the representatives of all traditional religions of Tatarstan, will continue to play an active role in the process of spiritual rebirth, friendship and understanding. 
Let Uraza-bayram bestow all Muslims warmth, joy and kindness. I sincerely wish you good health, peace and prosperity! 
President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.N. Minnihanov. 
Press Service of the President of RT