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25.07.2014 17:32
Union of Muslim Youth (UMY) in the framework of action "Ramadan - the month of good deeds" is organizing a fundraiser for skin grafting for 3-year-old child. His name is Subhatulla Mamatzhanov. 
Kid got 3 degree burns, accidentally knocked over him a bucket of boiling water. Now he is in the burns unit of DRKB and child urgently requires a paid operation. 
Must be collected 90 thousand rubles for the operation, but his parents do not have such sum: Rahmatullah's father works as a loader, mother Gulnara as a seamstress. 
As the chief specialist of UMY Arthur Fatkhutdinov noted, if people can not show good and to help the child in the month of Ramadan, what time they are waiting for? 
"We all know that the month of Ramadan - a sacred month and good deeds in this month are more valuable. We have already written a letter asking for help in Muslim communities and public servers in social networks covering about 300,000 subscribers. In addition, we have decided that after completing the world's first online Muslim festival, we will send letters to all participants to help this Muslim family in which has happened grief", - said Arthur Fakhrutdinov. 
Anyone who wants to provide financial assistance to the family, please call 89631214124 (mother Gulnara), card number 5469620015207218 in the Savings Bank or call helpline of Union of Muslim youth 8 (843) 202-4-202.