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25.07.2014 14:28
On the first of August at the stadium "Kazan Arena" will be held festive charitable concert in honor of one of the two most important holidays for Muslims - Eid al-Fitr (Uraza-bayram). To the event were invited the world-class stars - Mesut Kurtis and Sedat Uchan. 
Organizer of the concert: Muslim religious board of RT 
Concert starts at 18.30 
Place: stadium "Kazan Arena", prospect Yamasheva, 115a 
The program of the charity gala concert includes: 
- the performance of the mufti of the Republic of Tatarstan 
- sermons of hazrats 
- concert of invited Tatar artists, performance of salavats and nasheeds 
- the performance of world stars: Mesut Kurtis and Sedat Uchan 
To a charity concert are welcomed everyone, admission is free. 
Briefly about artists 
Mesut Kurtis - Macedonian musician and performer with Turkish roots. Was born in 1981 in a Turkish family in Skopje / Macedonia. From an early age was interested in music. Since childhood played as a soloist at various events, which was held in social clubs, mosques and conferences. He finished school in Skopje. After leaving school he entered the University of Lampeter on faculty «Human Sciences» in Britain. He is fluent in five languages. Writes songs in Turkish, Arabic and English. Has 2 albums with names Salavat and Sevgili. Leads collaborations with Maher Zain. Mesut Kurtis is now called one of the brightest singers of nasheeds and of Islamic music. His unforgettable performance of Burdah and clip for it become a modern classic, and his new album "Beloved" was a groundbreaking event in this genre of music throughout the Muslim world. 
Sedat Uchan - was born in 1975 in the city of Erzurum. Graduated from primary school at home, and after he continued his studies at the school "Imam hatyyb" in İspir. From early childhood was fond of Muslim music. Even in this age of his voice was struck the adult population. In 1998 he started his professional career. With the release of his first album titled "Muhammedin hurmetine" started gaining popularity among the population. Tried to adhere to the principle of release one album a year. Recorded more than 12 albums. Is a frequent guest of television programs. Is today considered one of the most popular among Muslims in Turkey and Europe singer of nasheeds.