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24.07.2014 18:53
Today employees of MRB RT visited department of objectors of children's hospital #18. 
To staff of hospital representatives of muftiat of Republic (department for assistance and charity together with the youth department) handed the essentials: diapers, mixtures, napkins, diapers, which were purchased on funds received during the campaign "Sabyyga." 
At present in the hospital are 12 children infants. They need constant concern, care. Babysitters of hospital are constantly near babies. In addition to newborns, at the hospital operates a shelter for children up to 7 years. According to the head of the children's hospital in the month of Ramadan many people bring children's clothes, fruit and vegetables from their gardens, various food products. 
In addition, residents of Kazan provide whenever possible financial assistance as sadaqah, this month many brought to the shelter fitr-sadaqah. 
Muslim religious board of Tatarstan encourages all people to do only good deeds, and not only during the holy month of Ramadan.