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24.07.2014 18:25
On the previous night in the mosque "Tynychlyk" of Mirniy settlement was held an unusual iftar. On a visit to the mufti of RT, who now makes in mosque pious seclusion - ittikaf, came Catholics. All day yesterday, they for the sake of solidarity and respect for Muslims kept uraza one day. This practice is traditional for them and is welcomed by representatives of this denomination. 
Among the honored guests was a delegation of German Catholics, they were accompanied by the abbot of the Catholic temple of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Kazan father Diogenes Urkiza. 
Parish from the German city Osnabrueck was headed by Catholic bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck. 
Guests patiently waited until believers commit evening prayer led by the mufti of the Republic, and after that with all Muslims started to break their fast. At the end of the meal hazrat made a prayer and asked the Creator to grant to residents of the Republic prosperity. 
After vagaz was continued conversation with Catholic guests. 
"Kazan is very beautiful and gracious city with its hospitable people. Throughout the week we are here, we can not stop admiring your diversity of cultures and will take home good impressions and thousands of photographs. We fasted today out of respect for Muslims. You have a very strict Uraza, you need a great zeal and love for Almighty, to abide on all the canons" - said mufti bishop Franz-Josef. 
In turn, the chairman of the Muslim religious board of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin thanked them for the visit and told the guests about the extensive work of muftiat of RT, including the social sphere. Moreover, Kamil hazrat told about promotions in the month of Ramadan and about that, thanks to which in Republic remain stable interfaith relations, mentioning that while on the ground of Tatarstan in a good neighborhood live 115 nationalities. 
"Many are trying to learn from the experience of tolerant relations between residents of Tatarstan, specially come here. But do it in a day, in a week or in a month is not possible, you just have to live here and communicate, as interfaith relations - a history, with roots back to several centuries" - summed up the mufti.