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24.07.2014 18:06
In Tatarstan came professional performers of religious chants - munajats from Iran. Quartet of singers: Ahmed Atari, Sayed Ahmed Mirian, Majid Ahangari, Sayed and Mohammed Kazem Ghasemi - on the last days of Ramadan are performing in three mosques of Kazan on iftars. The group also has a professional reciter of the Quran - Abdulvahid Jafarzade. 
On 22 July they showed their skills in front of mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin in Tynychlyk mosque of Mirny settlement. Leader of Muslims of Tatarstan makes in it pious seclusion - ittikaf. According to the requirements of this ritual, a person can not go beyond the area of ​​the mosque, in this case ittikaf is violated. 
To visit Kamil hazrat and listen to the artists in Tynychlyk arrived General consul of Islamic Republic of Iran in Kazan Rasul Bagernezhad Shayan. 
After jointly committed sunset prayer and after breaking of fast everyone who was in the mosque gathered on iftar. During the meal the quartet of singers performed munajats and salavats. Iftar was finished with reading of the Quran in a performance by guest from Iran Abdulvahid Jafarzade. After that, all together made ​​the night prayer-tarawih.