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23.07.2014 17:16
Orphans from the orphanage of village Nurlaty thanks to the staff of MRB RT were able to visit a real movie theater with a big screen. 
This event was organized by the staff of MRB RT: department for assistance and charity together with the youth department. 
Shopping center "Suvar Plaza" presented children tickets to cartoon. Ten pupils of Nurlatsky orphanage looked interesting cartoon "Oz", and they were delighted of the shopping center. 
In the evening the boys were invited to iftar to the mosque "Yardem", there was conducted a tour of the rehabilitation center. In addition, the boys have been presented skullcaps and girls were taught beautifully tie scarves. 
Children were playing in the yard for a long time and did not want to go back to the orphanage. The organizers have promised them that they will be able to  be guests at such events more times.