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23.07.2014 16:18
To muftiat of Republic for help appealed mother of small Azalia. Now the little girl is 1 year 4 months old. When she was 8 months old, she was diagnosed with spinal amyotrophy. Little Azalia was urgently put in anesthesiology and resuscitation of DRKB. 
The little man, whose whole life must to be ahead, already now can not breathe without apparatus. Doctors put disappointing forecasts, at the hospital are doing everything to keep all the vital functions of the child. Lungmotor is necessary for Azalia throughout her life. To write out the child home, so that parents at home could fully take care of ailing Azalia, doctors can not yet as long as the parents will not have this medical device. 
Apparatus by which breathes Azalia in DRKB, is not given to anyone's home: it need another ailing babies. 
Lungmotor is very expensive - 1500 000 rubles. 
Child, according to doctors, can not be saved, but to ease the pain and to create special house conditions - a sacred duty. 
"Clinical miracle will not happen. The miracle is that the people around are interested and want to help. We have not the margin for error. Just do not make people lose faith in the goodness of others,"- says the head of the department Igor Zakirov. 
Systematic approach, special meals and maintaining the special atmosphere of the house - a guarantee that small Azalia will be able as long as possible to be close to her loved ones. 
To help family to purchase expensive medical device that they can use at home and support the family - you can by sending funds to the parent's bill. 
In the social network Vkontakte specialists of muftiat have already created a special group, "We will Save with The World Azalia»
"With all the efforts and all heart we will help small Azalia to see the world and live in a house surrounded by her family" - sums up the staff of department on aid and charity together with the youth department of MRB RT. 
By the way, Azalia's mother herself is very sympathetic person, she worked as a volunteer during the Second republican iftar of 2014. 
Requisites for assistance to Azalia: in the receipt attached in an attachment, be sure to specify the Charitable contribution to Galimova Azalia, VAT is not subjected
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