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23.07.2014 15:59
On July 22 department for assistance and charity together with the youth department of MRB RT visited department of anesthesiology and intensive care  of DRKB. The event at the hospital was scheduled as a part of the action "Sabyyga" which is held in conjunction with the CF "Zakat". 
Charitable action ends on July 25, at the moment on collected funds have already been bought diapers, wipes and baby food. All essentials were transferred to the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of DRKB where lay seriously ill children, many of whom are chained to machines. 
In addition, specialists of muftiat decided to help a family in which grows a sick child. The girl's (Azalia's) mother has been a volunteer during the Second republican iftar, that's when she asked for help the charity department of the Muslim religious board of RT. Child, according to doctors, can not be saved, but to ease the pain and help the family to buy expensive medical device that they can use at home, is necessary. Since DRKB's devices to domestic use are not given: them need many other children. 
Now Azalia is 1 year 4 months old. In 8 months she was given a terrible diagnose: spinal amyotrophy. 
In the social network Vkontakte specialists of muftiat have already created a special group, "We will Save with The World Azalia»
Requisites for assistance:
Branch "Bank of Tatarstan" 8610 Kazan
BIC 049205603 
INN 7707083893 
KPP 165902001 
K / account 30101810600000000603 
Account number of the recipient (specify later) 
Recipient Galimov Arthur Talipovich (account registered to father) 
Security card number 63900262 9015509101