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23.07.2014 15:31
On presentation of the Islamic cultural center named after Shigabutdin Marjani, which was held on July 21, announced that here are planning to provide assistance to displaced persons from Ukraine. 
In Kazan mosque al-Marjani, where is located the center, was started collecting of assistance to refugees. Everyone can bring clothes, household products, bedding, medicine, food, consumer goods. You can also help by providing to refugees counseling services and employment assistance. 
As for the presentation, it was held just before iftar. In it participated chief kazy (sharia judge) of MRB RT Jalil Fazlyev, deputy of State Council of RT Farid Miftakhov, representatives of Kazan City Hall and others. 
According to the director of the Islamic cultural center Alsou Idrisova, in Russia there are no such organizations. Though in the country there are centers, which call themselves Islamic, yet they have a narrow focus. For example, Kazan's "Iman" focuses mainly on the release of religious literature. Muscovites specialize in educational activities. Center named after Shigabutdin Marjani, among other things, will work not only for Islamic revival and preservation of native language, but also will earn money for this purpose with the help of a network of shops and cafes. 
In the nearest future is planned the opening of its own cattle farm in one of the districts of the republic. Grown cattle, sheep, poultry, milk are planned to be transported directly to the counters of shops of the Islamic center.