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22.07.2014 15:56
One of the most famous figures of the Muslim Tatarstan - abystay Rashida Iskhakova - celebrated her 90th jubilee. 
First of all, this outstanding Muslim women of republic is known for her lessons on the basics of Islam. She has been working as a teacher for about 40 years. 
Rashida Iskhakova - a mother of 6 children. At the moment, Rashida abystay has over 100 descendants. 
President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated Rashida abystay Ishaqi with jubilee. 
As stated in the congratulation of Vladimir Putin to Rashida abystay Ishaqi: "You have always been persistent, kept the strenght of spirit, faith in a just cause. Leader of the country wished Rashida abystay health, prosperity and all the best. 
You have gone through severe trials of the Great Patriotic War, raised from the ruins destroyed cities and villages, with your selfless labor created the wealth of the country. And always kept fortitude, strength of spirit and faith in a just cause. We bow before the feat of your generation - generation of heroes and winners", is noted in congratulation of the president of the country.