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22.07.2014 15:43
To Tatarstan from Iran came professional performers of munajats. The Delegation of four singers - Ahmed Atariya, Sayed Ahmed Mirian, Majid Ahangari and Sayed Mohammed Kazem Ghasemi and one professional reciter of the Quran - Abdulvahid Jafarzade will perform at evening of Fitr (on Iftar-majlises) in three mosques of Kazan - Marjani, in mosque Tynychlyk of Mirniy settlement and in mosque Yardem. 
They will perform a variety of religious songs, salavats and praise of Allah. Everyone who will come to the Iftar will get acquainted with the work of guests from Iran. 
Arrival of professional performers of religious songs to Tatarstan became possible thanks to cooperation between the Muslim religious board of RT and the Generak Consulate of Iran in Kazan.