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22.07.2014 14:45
Muslims of Aznakayevo were looking forward to the onset of Ramadan. Along with the traditional rituals that are taken to make in this Holy month, on the initiative of parents, in mosque was organized training of children to the Quran. 
Quran hafiz Ismet Aydin, who came from Trabzon to Aznakayevo only for one month, taught 10-15 children to correct and beautiful reading of the Quran. 
Every day children read one page of sura Baqara, if there were errors while reading along, with the teacher Ismet hazrat corrected them. Also children memorized short surahs and duas which daily are read during prayer. 
In the beginning it was hard for the children, but a few days later, they began to compete with each other in learning suras and reading the Quran by all rules. 
The teacher was very strict but fair: he corrected all the errors, for the efforts of students had always encouraged and praised them. 
Parents are satisfied with the results of training and expressed gratitude to the Quran-hafiz Ismet Aydin.