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21.07.2014 11:33
In Apanaevskaya mosque of Kazan honored the memory of Waliullah Yakupov. Until July 19, 2012, until the tragic death, the well-known theologian served there as imam-hatyyb, also worked as head of the department of education of MRB RT. 
Two days earlier religious and public figures, believers visited the grave of Waliullah Yakupov. Mufti of Tatarstan Kamil Samigullin gave a prayer for the soul of innocent victims Waliullah hazrat. Starting from Friday, the leader of Muslims of Tatarstan makes pious seclusion - ittikaf. Therefore was unable to take part in the iftar of Apanaevskaya mosque. 
On this day the mosque was crowded, to honor the memory of Waliullah hazrat came the first deputy mufti of Tatarstan Rustam hazrat Batrov, senior imam of Vakhitovsky and Privoljsky regions of Kazan Ilyas hazrat Ziganshin, chairman of the Union of Muslim women of Russia and Tatarstan Naila Ziganshina, rector of KVMM "Muhammadiyah" Nail Yarullin, head of department of history of social thought and Islamic studies of Institute of history of AS of RT Said Shagaviev, pupils of center of Islamic culture "Iman", which was led by the deceased. In addition to reading the verses of the Noble Quran guests shared memories of Waliullah hazrat, sounded sermons. 
Imam-hatyyb of Apanaevskaya mosque Niyaz hazrat Sabirov told the guests about the continuation of activities of Waliullah hazrat in mosque and publishing house "Iman". 
Communication lasted until night prayer-tarawih.