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18.07.2014 11:09
On July 30 at the court of a Kazan mosque "Yardem" under the auspices of the MRB RT will be held a charity festive event dedicated to "Eid" for disabled children and orphans, and for the residents of the city of Kazan. 
On the celebration for the guests with a concert program will perform Ilham Shakirov, Zoohra Sahabieva, Ilnaz Safiullin, Ilyas Khalikov, Niyaz Zalyalov, Richat Tuhvatullin, Alina Bulatova and ensemble "Barakat". Theatre neamed after G.Kariev will show celebratory performance. 
The event will start at 17.00 and will last until 20.00 and everyone will be able to attend it.
In program of the event there are concert and various contests for children. Children will be able to participate in free workshops, adults will attend a charity fair. Will also be held sports games. In honor of the completion of the holy month of Ramadan holiday will end with flash mob of launching lanterns into the sky. 
On the event also will be handed out balloons, cotton candy, treats.