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18.07.2014 10:56
Publishing house "Huzur" published a book of famous Tatar theologian Waliullah hazrat Yakupov "Hanafi madhhab, its meaning and relevance." Edition of the book was timed to the anniversary of his death. 
The book reveals the importance and benefits of sunni mazkhabs, and also explains the relevance and importance of hanafit kind. The book was published in conjunction with the publishing house "Iman" under the announced by MRB RT - Year of revival of religious traditions. Total circulation of book is 2 thousand copies. 
Waliullah hazrat Yakupov, a prominent Russian religious and public figure, a Muslim theologian, Imam, had long worked in the MRB RT in various positions. He also served as chief editor of magazine "Muslim world" and magazine "Iman noori."