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18.07.2014 10:41
On July 16 in the evening at his residence mufti of Tatarstan Kamil hazrat Samigullin met with students who study in Muslim educational institutions in foreign countries. More than 30 students who study in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon were able to communicate with the mufti of the republic and ask him the questions that they were interested in. 
The meeting was also attended by the first deputy mufti Rustam hazrat Batrov, head Office for cooperation with religious associations of the Office of the President of RT Ilnur Gataullin. 
Speaking to the students, the mufti of Tatarstan encouraged them to combine efforts to revive Islam and to use this knowledge for the benefit of society. He also told the students about what activities are deployed today in the Muslim religious board in terms of propaganda of Islam, in particular, on the Internet. He reminded the students about the running project on publishing the Noble Quran in style - "Nash" in Arabic, according to the canonical rules of Science of writing, which was specially prepared at his request by known calligrapher Muhsin Demirel. He noted that today works on its publication are approaching to its logical conclusion. 
He also spoke about the upcoming tafsirs in theological translation in Tatar and Russian languages, in particular is translated tafsir in 17 volumes of famous scholar Abu Mansur al-Maturidi. 
Mufti of Tatarstan raised the issue of employment of young professionals who return from institutions. He noted that there are a number of mosques in districts of Tatarstan, where imams are necessary. 
In turn, the first deputy mufti Rustam hazrat Batrov spoke about the opportunities offered by MRB RT to young professionals. He recalled that the young imams today have annually grants, is going work on improving Islamic education and training of imams. He noted that today there are many opportunities for young religious professionals to implement themselves and their capabilities. He said that the MRB RT must keep "in sight" students who study abroad to find to them in the future vocation, rely on them as on young professionals with knowledge. 
Representative of Office of the President of RT Ilnur Gataullin noted wide opportunities for young professionals today in the implementation of themselves. He said that they should be a source of knowledge and to be set up to work in Motherland. 
Such meetings suggests dialogue, so the students asked mufti of the republic many questions. They asked the mufti of Tatarstan about the organization of summer practice in mosques, when students return to their homeland. Asked questions of a religious nature. 
The event ended with a gala dinner of breaking the fast - Iftar, which was held in the honor of students on behalf of chairman of the Muslim religious board of RT. On iftar at the restaurant students were able to talk with the leader of Muslims of Tatarstan in an informal atmosphere.