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15.07.2014 17:53
Union of Muslim youth announced about the beginning of registration for the First Muslim online-festival. In the first hours for more than 1,000 people confirmed their participation in this international event. 
Participants can register on the site
Recall that among the speakers of the festival will be: 
- Kamil hazrat Samigullin - mufti of Tatarstan; 
- Albir hazrat Krganov - mufti of Moscow; 
- Ahmed Tamim - mufti of Ukraine; 
- Ali Varanovich - mufti of Belarus; 
- Valiahmad hazrat Gayazov - mufti of the Republic of Komi; 
- Tagir hazrat Samatov - mufti of KhMAO; 
- Gatsalov Hadji-Murad - mufti of North Ossetia; 
- Maher Zain - popular Muslim singer; 
- Said Fouda - one of the best scientists in the field of creed; 
- Ismail Bulbul - rector (sheikh) of the Palestinian department of university al-Azhar (Gaza city), former mufti of Palestine; 
- Dr. Tawfik Ramadan Buti - deputy dean of the faculty of sharia of University (Damascus, Syria); 
- Bulat Ishmukhametov - imam of Adelaide city (Australia); 
- Maxim Shevchenko - a popular journalist and orientalist; 
- Makarov Ahmad - head of department on work with public organizations DUMER; 
- Kalimullina Madina - director of the department of economics of the Council of Muftis of Russia; 
- Ali Vyacheslav Polosin - The first in history of Russia Orthodox priest who converted to Islam openly; 
- Rafik Mukhametshin - Rector of the Russian Islamic University; 
- Bulat Mulyukov - Expert of Finance House "Amal"; 
- Ravil hazrat Bikbaev - Member of the Council of Ulema in MRB RT; 
- Radik Gafurov - President of the Muslim employers Association of RF; 
- Shagaviev Said-Damir - Head of the department of Islamic studies of Institute of history named after S.Mardzhani of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan; 
- Rustam Nurgaleev - deputy chairman of the Council of Ulema MRB of Tatarstan; 
- Rinat hazrat Gabbassov - director of the Russian center for Islamic economics and finance; 
- Rustem Valiullin - assistant of chief kazi of Tatarstan; 
- Marat Nizamov - Chairman of the comittee "Halal"; 
- Bagautdin Abbasov - 9-time champion of Russia, 6-time world champion in mixed martial arts; 
- Ayubov Tigran - firector of fight club «Tiger Fight Gym»; 
- Sibagatullin Fatih - deputy of State Duma of RF; 
- Miftakhov Farid - Chairman of the National charitable foundation of RT "Bulgar"