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15.07.2014 17:10
In the mosque "Yardem" during the fast are held Iftar-majlises. Daily for breaking fast here are gathering about 500 Muslims, among them are blind and visually impaired people, who comprehend the world with their fingertips, disabled with cerebral palsy. 
Every day iftars are attended also by famous people of Kazan and Tatarstan. Recently, at the majlis was the legendary Tatar singer, people's artist of Tatarstan and Russia, prize winner named after Tukay Ilham Shakirov. By the way, the mosque "Yardem" and the center of the blind he has visited not for the first time. 
In addition, the Chairman of the board of the Federal national cultural autonomy of Tatars, deputy of State Duma of Russia of sixth convocation, a member of the committee of Duma on education, a member of the counting commission of State Duma Ildar Gilmutdinov visited the mosque and the center for the disabled "Yardem" of Kazan city. The distinguished guest congratulated the parishioners and people with disabilities of center with the coming of the great month Ramadan. Ildar Gilmutdinov praised the work of the mosque and center, thanking imam-hatyyb Ildar Bayazitov. 
Recall that the Rehabilitation center "Yardem" of Kazan helps Muslims from Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chechnya, Dagestan and other regions of Russia. Wards of fund are taught reading and writing on the system of Louis Braille, the Arabic language, computer literacy, various trades and professions. And, most importantly, they comprehend the Noble Quran. 
Charity and mercy are among the most important tenets of Islam. "Whatever you spend of good, that for yourselves, and you spend of the desire of a saint of God. And whatever you spend of good would be fully rewarded to you, and you will not be offended" (2:274). Our duty to the Lord of the worlds to take care of those who are in a difficulties. During the month of Ramadan good deeds are especially honored and welcome.